Instruments for Rigid Plastic Testing

Rigid Plastic

Rigid Plastic Testing Instruments

Rigid plastic is the class of plastic industry that deals with the plastic products mainly used for packaging in various industries. There is a variety of industries that use rigid plastics such PET, PP, HDPE. These products can be used for packaging of various products such as personal care products, Pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, Spirits, Chemical.

The reason for such an extensive use of rigid plastics in industries is that rigid plastic is easy to form in any design with any size and capacity. The packaging products made from them are non-reactive to almost anything hence they are suitable for storing anything from food to chemical. Another property of rigid plastics is that they offer a leak-proof and strong packaging which keeps the products unaffected from any sort of external factors.

With increasing use of the materials in various packaging industries, it is becoming essential for the industries to ensure the best quality and strength of the packaging materials that are provided to the customers. An array of testing instruments is used for testing various traits of rigid plastics used in packaging industries so that only the best quality material is used. Presto Stantest offers a wide array of Plastic testing instruments that are used widely in industries. The instruments for testing of plastic materials and products offered by Presto include Tensile Testing Machine, Peel/Seal/Bond Strength Tester, Bursting Strength Testers, Hot Air Oven, Edge crushing tester and many more.