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Lab Supply Testing Instruments in Tanzania

Presto Stantest is a Delhi-NCR based company and is a prominent name for manufacturing the high-quality testing equipment all over the world. The devices have a significant contribution to improving the quality of the industrial and domestic products. Testing machines by Presto are accepted by more than 5500 companies; it\'s all due to the quality and reliability ensured with the equipment. The fast and accurate result is assured with each machine so that the end users do not have to waste much time in performing the testing procedures. We have extensive categories of testing devices such as plastic testing, paint and plating, paper and packaging, pet and preform, textile and yarn, rubber testing, environmental test chambers, metal testing and color measurement tools.

The color quality, dimension, size, weight, bursting strength, compression strength, tensile strength, corrosion resistance, adhesive strength, humidity effect, and many more properties of the materials are tested with the help of the testing devices. The testing instruments in Tanzania are supplied for testing the packaging, food, printing, pharmaceutical, rubber, paint, plating, adhesive, chemical, construction material, automotive, textile, yarn, pet, and plastic materials, etc.

The manufacturers of Tanzania are supplied with the high-quality devices, which are manufactured and designed with the help of the team of experts and skilled professionals. Our lab and manufacturing plant are well engineered with all the facilities so the engineers and experts can produce only high-quality devices. The testing instruments in Tanzania are delivered after several quality inspections to content the manufacturers all over the world.

The 24x7 customer care service is available to solve the queries of the customers related to the machine. The technical team is available to explain the technical features. Our testing devices are safe, reliable, user-friendly and time-saving for the end users.