Instruments for Blow Molding Testing

Blow Molding

PET Blow Molding Testing Instruments

Blow molding industry is flourishing at a fast pace because of the outstanding properties of plastics and polymers to resist chemicals, corrosion and any other effect of environment. In Blow molding industry, a procedure is followed to produce hollow items from thermoplastic. For best quality of products, it is essential for manufacturers to conduct proper quality testing procedures over the products.

Presto offers a wide range of Pet & Preform Testing instruments including profile projectors, Hot Wire Bottle Cutter, bottle shakers, Preform thickness gauges, etc that can test the quality of hollow bottles right from granules all along its blow molding procedure till it becomes a final product. The wide assortment of instruments used in Blow molding industry is mentioned above. These machines strictly comply with domestic and international test parameters and standards.