PET Bottle Torque Tester – Best To Assure The Safety Of Packaged Products

PET Bottle Torque Tester – Best To Assure The Safety Of Packaged Products

PET Bottles are used in different manufacturing units and mainly in packaging industries and bottling plants to pack the products and to offers, better safety to pharmaceuticals, carbonated beverages, food items, etc. PET bottles are considered as the best medium of packaging as they help to maintain the level of safety and hygiene of the products that are packed inside. The products are non-reactive to any type of chemical or drug hence, best for packaging pharmaceutical goods, chemicals, and drugs also. Moreover, PET products are an economical source of packaging and have acquired a significant place in the global market to pack all types of products as compared to another source of packaging such as containers, metal cans and many more. The packaging is responsible for the hygiene and safety of the products therefore, it must be ensured that the packaging material which is used to pack all the crucial products is best in terms of quality.

Properties that Explains the Quality of PET Bottles

Many properties explain the quality of PET products such as perpendicularity, balancing, wall thickness, leakage, transparency and many more. All properties are necessary to test to make the PET bottle free from flaws. One of the primary testing machines which help to test the quality of the PET bottles is PET Bottle Torque Tester. The testing device is used to measure the quality of the opening and closing torque of the bottle caps and lids that make the bottles leak proof.

How PET Bottle Torque Tester Measures the Quality of PET Bottles?

If the cap or lid of bottles or containers in not tightened properly, this will be considered as a significant problem that can severely affect the quality of the products due to leakage and vice versa. The torque of the bottles helps to measure the torque or fastening strength of the bottles. The test procedure helps to measure the minimum amount of force which is required to open and close the torque of the bottle caps. This test explains whether the bottle caps are perfect to maintain products quality or not.

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