Best Torque Tester for Bottle Caps in India

Best Torque Tester for Bottle Caps in India

A bottle cap must be properly sealed in order to ensure that the contents inside the container cannot leak out and the substances outside of the container cannot creep into it. Besides that, the end user or consumer must be able to open the container with a little amount of effort. 

A Bottle Cap Torque Tester is used to ensure that the cap seal of a bottle is leak proof and secure enough to keep the contents safe, yet it is not difficult to open the cap, when required.

Presto Torque Tester is the best Torque tester in India. It is state-of-the-art machine that is used to determine the correlation between the specified application torque range and removal torque range from bottle caps. It can be used to validate the capping machine by evaluating the removal torque of the caps applied by the capping machine.

Best Torque Tester in India

Most of the manufacturers face challenges when determining how tight their caps should be. Appropriate tightening of caps does not create issues related to leakages and at the same time, the caps can be easily opened by the consumer. 

The right approach when capping your bottles, is to use Presto Torque Tester.

Need for Torque Tester for Bottle Caps

Many reasons like industry and government regulations, quality controls etc. have made it mandatory to use Torque testers for checking bottle caps for beverages as well as medicines and syrups. 

Manufacturers need to validate the amount of torque applied to their caps. The first step of the process is to identify the amount of torque required for caps. Your cap supplier must have the ability to give you the application torque specification that is definitive for your actual cap.

Torque Tester Procedure 

The test procedure for testing torque for bottle caps is simple. The Torque Test is conducted by:

Clamping bottles into the Torque Tester and then, applying and removing the caps by hand. 

Applying too much pressure or over torqueing leads to problems. It so happens that some points on the cap to have more pressure and that results in an improper seal.
The test procedure includes:

1.    Applying and removing a cap of the bottle attached to the Torque tester. It is done very slowly and at a uniform rate. Applying and removing caps rigorously can give you inaccurate results.

2.    It is important to use new caps and bottles during the tests. Reusing caps and bottles gives inaccurate results.

3.    The torque testing must be performed with containers filled with usual contents to give you an actual, real time experience of the test.

4.    Avoiding spillage of the contents inside on the threads of the bottle or closure must be ensured as it can lead to an inaccurate result.

Presto is one of the leading producers of Digital Torque Tester in India. The Presto Torque Tester is a highly proficient digital model, which is well equipped with a highly integrated digital control panel. Thus, the screen shows digital format torque values. The screen is fitted with bright LED light for clearer vision.

Presto Testing Instruments are the best manufacturers of Digital Torque Tester in India. For further assistance, please visit or call 0129-4272727 for more details and customization of the equipment.