Test The Intact Strength Of Bottle Lids With Torque Testing Instrument

Test The Intact Strength Of Bottle Lids With Torque Testing Instrument

PET bottles are used on a large scale in different manufacturing industries to fulfill the requirement of bottling and packaging. They are widely used to pack food products, beverages, directly consumable goods, chemicals, drugs, etc. Hence, the manufacturers must put a great emphasis on the strength and quality of the products so that the better safety could be provided for the products that are packed inside. If the quality of the PET products is not appropriate, it can be a major threat that affects the freshness and safety of the products. The major problem that affects the quality of the PET containers is the easily opening of the bottle lids if they are not tested properly.

Working Process of Torque Testing Instrument

The torque tester is an ideal testing machine which is used to check the leakage integrity of the PET bottles and jars. The testing machine helps to determine the maximum amount of force which is required to open the lids and caps of the PET containers. During this test, the containers are placed in between the clamps that have load sensor. After placing the sample bottle on the machine, the cap of the bottles is opened. The sensor of the device quickly records the force which is applied on the torque of the bottle caps to open the cap. This helps to measure the quality of the bottle lids that contributes to making the bottles leak proof.

Best Solution to Measure the Quality of Bottles Lid by Presto

Presto Stantest offers highly accurate and reliable test results that contribute to measuring the quality of the torque of the bottle caps. The testing instrument strictly adheres to the standards that are introduced by various standardization authorities such as ASTM, ISO, BIS and many more. The testing device offers accurate test results.