Use Profile Projector for Detail Measurements in PET Bottles

Use Profile Projector for Detail Measurements in PET Bottles

PET bottle industry has become the most preferred packaging mode in all vertical. Be it beverage or medicine, companies have increased their linking towards the PET packaging. The reason behind its success is its non-reactive nature and the marvellous stability it offers. But, the increasing demand, also raised the competition within the market. And to lead the line of manufacturers one must assure the high standardized quality of material, trusted globally. As high-quality is what customers demand always. In this blog section, we will discuss the use of profile projector in the PET bottle industry.

Applications of the Testing Device

The testing instrument is popularly used for various applications. It is used for inspecting shape and sizes of the PET bottles and detect their defects. There are some flaws which cannot be detected by naked eyes, they require a microscopic view. These flaws such as uneven shapes can be measured easily with the device to bring uniformity to the whole batch.

It is used for inspecting surface deformities in the automotive industry. Surfaces of automobiles may carry minute flaws, such as scratches and dents. These defects can be easily magnified using the device. High-end glassware is crafted with a lot of precision. Any defect may decrease the mechanical stress and increase the brittleness. Hence for testing the minute stress or strain, this device can be used. It is used for inspecting components with irregular shapes and sizes. Not every component can be measured with a micrometre, sometimes due to the delicate nature of the product. Thus, this instrument cut down the challenge of measuring uneven shapes and surfaces.

Profile projector is a cost-effective solution for angular measurements and for Digital linear. The machine also has a built-in DRO.

It is used to identify an edge or point of the shadow of the PET Bottles in order to measure the length of the PET or Preform from this particular point. By expanding the image, the operator can easily decide that from where the edge or the point of the shadow starts.  Profile images are also used to take important decisions to fulfil various measurement purposes like it matches the size of the bottles with standard size to
evaluate whether a part of the bottle is designed correctly or not.