How to Perform the Accelerated Aging Test with the UV Accelerated Aging Chamber?

How to Perform the Accelerated Aging Test with the UV Accelerated Aging Chamber?

UV Accelerated Chamber

The materials that are extremely crucial for a human being to survive on a daily basis like textiles, metals, polymers, etc. get compromised upon their quality when they are exposed to the environment.

These materials are utilized in the construction of various products that are utilized by one & all in daily lives, to enhance the durability of these products and increase the quality of these products, the manufacturers test these materials used in production against a lot of testing standards distributed into different areas.

One such important area of testing these materials is against UV light, moisture-loaded environment & sunlight because when they are exposed to the environment these are the 3 major contaminating factors.

To measure the material against all these three material-contaminating factors, the Presto Group offers a highly advanced lab testing instrument called the UV test chamber.

The instrument has a futuristic working module that is extremely exciting to dive into.

Working Mechanism of the UV Test Chamber

The UV test machine operates in three different cycles which makes the lab testing equipment a one-stop solution for all the testing measures required by manufacturers from various industries.

The instrument determines the durability of specimens against flaking, breaking, or different kinds of contamination when exposed to the environment.

To begin with the testing procedure, it is highly important to be aware that against which testing cycle the specimen is going to be tested. The three cycles for testing of a sample are:

1.    Dry: under the dry testing measure the sample is placed within the chamber and an atmosphere that elevates up to 90o C is created around the specimen. The sample is then exposed to UV light under elevated temperatures for a designated time period adjusted as per the necessity of the operator.

2.    Condensation: the UV weathering Chamber is equipped with a reservoir tank that carries demineralized which is flown into the testing chamber through an inlet port. The testing chamber containing the sample condensates the atmosphere around the specimen through a leveler switch for controlled moisture in the air. This helps in assessing the sample against a condensed atmosphere. The demineralized water is extracted through the drainage port

3.    Spray: under this testing methodology of the UV weathering tester, the demineralized water through the reservoir tank is sprinkled all around the specimen to form a moisture-friendly & corrosion-friendly environment around the specimen. The rotary panels help the specimen to be tested uniformly from all sides and perform testing with absolute ease.

The instrument is equipped with an HMI-based touchscreen that helps the operator profile the specimen before performing the task and acquiring achieved results after the testing is performed. The operator can adjust the preset times with the help of this HMI-based touchscreen. You can easily analyze your polymer products with a UV weathering tester.

The operator can now simply take the specimen out and assess the reactions that it possessed against such extreme environmental conditions inside the UV weathering chamber.

The UV lights spread over the sample are an assembly of three UV lights incorporated within the inside chamber of the UV test machine for uniformity and evenness.

The testing procedures are successful only because of certain features imbibed within the lab testing equipment to enhance the adeptness and quality of testing by different manufacturers from various industries.

Features of UV Test Chamber that Aids Manufacturers

The manufacturers of the UV weathering test chamber have incorporated a lot of features that ensure high levels of accuracy and repeatable testing results.

The pre-eminent feature of the lab testing instrument is the incorporation of two different UV lights i.e. UVA & UVB lamps that ensure uniform distribution of the light around the specimen and make sure that the evenness of the results even after consistent and repeatable testing.

The instrument has an inlet port & drainage port for a constant supply of water through the reservoir tank and easy extraction of the water within the UV weathering chamber for further testing cycles.

The inclusion of xenon lamps along with the UVA lamps ensures maximum uniformity of light spread across the specimen, achieving high levels of accuracy in the determined results.

The safety features imbibed within the UV weathering tester allow the operator to perform testing with absolute facile without any hassle as these safety features include a safety alarm in case of creep-age, overloading, over elevation of temperature, water breaking, etc. these alarms combined together to minimize the human intervention and thus perform testing with even accurate measures.

The instrument is equipped with a top-notch HMI-based touchscreen display that ensures the profile of the specimen before the conduction of the test and also accommodates the operator in adjusting the time & temperature of the test.

The HMI-based touchscreen also includes data recording features that enable the operator to retreat the data into PDF and Excel formats, enabling critical analysis of the achieved results with the previous ones due to the memory hold feature.

The instrument also offers a firm and robust construction to prevent any sort of corrosion to its own equipment. This is possible due to high-quality insulation within the UV test chamber as well as the material used for the manufacturing of the UV test machine.

The UV weathering chamber is a one-stop solution for three testing cycles which makes it an extremely cost-efficient lab testing instrument as it allows manufacturers from different industries to save huge amounts of money.

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