How to Perform Static Tensile Strength Testing with Tensile Strength Tester?

How to Perform Static Tensile Strength Testing with Tensile Strength Tester?

 Tensile Strength Testing

It is very important to understand the ductility & durability of materials before conducting operations of construction with various equipment and devices. The materials have different abilities as per their properties against resistance and external forces. These materials are assessed and the durable materials are used in devices to ensure customer satisfaction.

The manufacturers struggle extremely hard to evaluate the ability of these materials in order to withstand pull & compression resistance which in turn determines the tensile strength of the material.

The Presto Group has designed a highly advanced lab testing instrument to aid manufacturers in the evaluation of the tensile strength of polymer, metal, flexible packaging material, rubber, textile, etc.

The lab testing instrument is called the tensile strength tester, which is a result of precise & advanced engineering. The instrument determines the ability of a material to withstand tensile force to aid manufacturers in segregating the difference between materials and utilizing them appropriately.

The tensile strength testing machine enables the operator to determine the load & elongation or displacement of the specimen. We can understand the importance of the tensile strength tester better by understanding its functioning & working mechanism.

Functioning Principle of Tensile Strength Tester

In order to commence the testing of variable materials by forcing tension on them, it is highly necessary to condition the specimen in an appropriate manner.

The specimen must be cut appropriately with the help of a dumbbell cutting press which is provided by the Presto Group as an additional accessory along with the testing instrument. However, some samples can be tested by cutting them into a rectangular shape but it varies as per the properties of the material.

After the preparation of the sample, the operator has to position the sample between fixtures associated with jaws. There are different fixtures for different samples to ensure accuracy. These fixtures or grippers are constructed as zig-zag, wedge, vice or diamond-cut surfaces for better holding of the specimen during the conduction of the test.

Once the sample is firmly clamped among the suitable grippers, the operator turns on the instrument where the lower jaw constantly moves in a back-and-forth movement – away and towards the upper jaw respectively. The upper jaw remains still in one position. The stable jaw holds one end of the specimen and the lower jaw holds the other. Therefore, the movement or a constant rate of traverse (CRT) by the lower jaw forces load & tension on the specimen.

The instrument is equipped with a digital meter and an HMI-based touchscreen that indicates the peak load that the specimen was able to withstand and the elongation or displacement that took place because of the exerted tension on the specimen.

The operator can profile the specimen before conducting the test with the tensile strength testing machine. The operator can set the pass/fail criteria before commencing with the test with the help of the HMI-based touchscreen. This simplifies the ascertainment of results and helps in expeditious testing.

There are certain features that are observed in the highly technological lab testing instrument.

Features of Tensile Strength Tester

The instrument is made with an approach of assisting manufacturers prevailing from various industries by providing them with all the necessary features to reach higher accuracy.

The tensile strength tester manufacturer has manufactured an additional accessory along with the instrument for the preparation of the sample called the dumbbell cutting press. The better the conditioning, the higher the accuracy.

The tensile strength testing machine is equipped with Zeus Ultimo software that enables the smooth functioning of the HMI-based display. There are a lot of features that come in handy with the software and the HMI-based touchscreen:

1.    The representation of data in a graphical algorithm as Force VS Time.

2.    A total of 10 reports can be recorded, allowing the manufacturer to critically analyze the results of testing and also compare them with the previously derived ones.

3.    The data can also be accessed in a spreadsheet format for data recording purposes and an enhancement in tracking results is also observed.

4.    Pre-adjustment of the pass/fail criteria of the specimen along with its profiling serves as speedy testing measures.

The instrument offers variable fixtures or grippers for the clamping of different specimens which makes the instrument a one-stop solution for all the materials that need to be tested under tension, deriving their load & elongation.

The automatic cut-off facility of the instrument has allowed the manufacturers to conduct testing with no hassle and worries of turning the instrument off immediately after the test results are accomplished.

The speed of the movement of the jaws in a constant rate of traverse method is adjusted in compliance with various standards to enhance the assurance among manufacturers using this top-notch tensile strength tester.

The tensile strength tester manufacturer has designed the gripper-to-gripper separation at the commencement of the test at 250 mm as per the designated standards. These grippers can move up to 700mm away from each other forcing immense tension on the tensile strength testing machine.

The tensile strength tester price is also kept at a very affordable standard to enable even low-level manufacturers to assess & evaluate the tension resistance of materials. The tensile strength tester manufacturer has kept the prices affordable to serve the aim of quality products all across the country.

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