Best Manufacturer for Tensile Testing Machine

Best Manufacturer for Tensile Testing Machine


Lightweight materials such as plastics are now in persistent demand. Thermosetting plastics are heat resistant. Thus, they have a variety of applications such as making plates, glasses, fibre, bottles, and boxes, to name just a few. Tensile Testing is a very reliable and an easy solution widely used in the industry, to predict how materials and products will behave in their intended applications.

Tensile Testing Machine Digital evaluates the material properties of the product by measuring the force required to elongate a specimen to its breaking point. This allows manufacturers and quality managers to determine the core strength of their product.

Tensile Testing Technique

Tensile Testing is performed by applying a specified, controllable tension to the sample under test, until it breaks or gets dislocated from its original position or gets deformed. The method of tensile testing is opposite to that of the compression test, wherein a constant force is applied in the opposite direction to scale the resistance power of any product.

The primary focus of tensile Testing is to reveal the characteristics of the product. Thus, it is performed to analyse the core strength of the product and study its ability to withstand tension in a real environment.

Various performance parameters can be measured using Tensile Testing technique. The resulting data shows the tensile strength profile of the sample under test. Besides observation and analysis of the tensile strength, this test also helps to determine the elastic limit and force required to break the sample. This is also known as the ‘failure point’ of the sample under test.

Tensile Testing machine can also be used to calculate the Elongation strength, Modulus of elasticity, Yield strength and Strain hardening.

For Tensile testing of plastics, the amount of weight that will be required to split or break a plastic specimen is noted. An elongation process is conducted to determine the elasticity of polybags and other materials.

Tensile testing is used to assess the quality of components, materials and finished products. It not only helps in optimising designs, but also ensures consistency in manufacturing and improving productivity. It thus enables manufacturers to launch superior quality products to the market faster; this maximizes their growth in terms of their turnover and profitability. Moreover, the manufacturers are also able to reduce material costs and achieve lean manufacturing goals besides, ensuring that their products are manufactured as per international standards and industry specifications.

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