Why Is Melt Flow Index Tester Used In Plastic Industry?

Why Is Melt Flow Index Tester Used In Plastic Industry?

Plastic are the most versatile products which are considered as the best substitute for all other materials like metals, glass, aluminum and many more. There are various factors of plastics that grab the attention of the manufacturers to produce only plastic products. Plastics are used in a large scale because it has better strength as compared to other materials; it can be molded into any shape, it does not show any negative effect in rough and adverse working conditions and non-reactive to type of chemical.Due to all these factors, the plastics are used in different production verticals like food and beverage industries, automotive industries, pharmaceutical industries, chemical industries and many more.

To provide the best quality to all these products, the manufacturers of plastic industry must provide only high-quality of plastic products to the customers. The quality of the plastics can be ensured with the help of high-quality of testing equipments. One of the major properties of the plastics that seriously affect the quality is flow rate or viscosity of the plastics. This property can be tested with the help of high quality of Melt Flow Index Tester of Polymers.

Use of Melt Flow Index Tester

Melt Flow Index Tester is the basic test procedure which is widely used in plastic industries to measure the viscosity and melt flow rate of plastic resins by keeping it in a molten state. The flow rate of the plastics is directly related to the properties of the plastics like hardness, density, strength and many more. The instrument is also used to measure the relation between the viscosity and molecular structure of the plastic resins by calculating the Melt Flow Index Formula.

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