Provide Your Bottles Best Design & Shape With Bottle Perpendicularity Tester

Provide Your Bottles Best Design & Shape With Bottle Perpendicularity Tester

PET bottles are the best option to choose for safe and hygienic packaging of food products, beverages, drinks, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, drugs, etc. This is considered as the best medium as they are non-reactive to the chemicals. The products that are usually filled with the PET bottles are directly consumable products and directly related to the health of the consumers. Therefore, it is the duty of the manufacturers to maintain the quality of the PET products to offers only best quality products to the customers to maintain a better level of hygiene and safety. This can be done using premium quality of testing machines.

Problem Faced in PET Bottle Manufacturing Industries

The common problem which is usually faced by the manufacturers in PET industries is the balancing and perpendicularity of the bottles which can severely affect the quality of the bottles and can be considered as a major defect in the bottles. In order to make sure that the bottles are perfectly balanced and perpendicular, Bottle Design and Shape Tester is used. The instrument can easily measure the irregularity, unevenness on the surface of the preforms which indicates the imperfection of the bottles. The testing machine is widely used by the manufacturers in PET and Preform manufacturing industries. With this testing machine, the manufacturers can assure that the bottle they have manufactured is perfect in terms of shape and size.

Perfect Solution by Presto for Bottle Design and Shape Testing

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