How Can the Izod & Charpy Impact Test Indicate the Resilience of Polymer Materials?

How Can the Izod & Charpy Impact Test Indicate the Resilience of Polymer Materials?

Izod & Charpy Impact Test

Polymer materials are known for their durable build and are utilized in various electronic devices to provide resilience and strength against impacts and other fatal accidents that they may experience during the course of consumption.

The manufacturers of polymer industries or from variable industries that use polymer have to measure the resilience of these polymer materials before utilizing them in the construction process of different products to make sure that they are durable enough to comply with the requirements of the product.

This ensures maximum consumer satisfaction and helps the manufacturer in building the brand reputation by providing high-quality products. However, measuring the durability of polymers & plastics against impacts is a difficult task to be performed manually.

This issue of manufacturers urged the Presto Group to deliver a lab testing instrument that not only assists manufacturers but also puts an end to this problem with a fully-packed solution, called the Izod and Charpy impact tester.

The instrument is named after two scientists who discovered the technology of assessing the strength of polymers against impacts to avoid damaging the final product due to accidents when exposed to the environment.

The instrument works on an interesting mechanism which is a great treat to understand. Let’s get to the working of the izod impact testing machine right away.

The Working Mechanism of the Izod & Charpy Impact Tester

The instrument is designed precisely to work on two different mechanisms i.e. the Charpy impact test wherein the placement of the sample is horizontal and the Izod impact test wherein the placement of the sample is vertical. Both these mechanisms are governed by pendulum release phenomena of impact.  

It is extremely crucial to ascertain the resilience & durability of plastics from both testing measures to derive accurate results repeatedly.

It is highly necessary to condition the specimen as per the standards before performing any of the testing methodologies. To condition the specimen an operator requires a notch cutter that carves out a v-shaped notch that measures 2.54 mm.

The specimen is then firmly clamped at the jaw of the instrument and has a rugged surface, ensuring movement-free testing for precise and accurate result derivation.

After making sure that the specimen is firmly clamped, it is extremely important to check that the specimen notch is facing the outside I.e. the place where the hammer will impact the specimen.

The hammer is released through the brake pedal and due to the pendulum mechanism, the hammer impacts the specimen at the v-shaped notch, resulting in the breaking of the plastic or polymer.  

The operator can simply attain the results of the Izod and Charpy impact test through the microprocessor-based display associated with the instrument. The results depict the energy that was required to break the Izod impact test specimen in the SI unit of Jules/cm2.

This is how the Izod and Charpy test is performed with absolute finesse and with minimal human intervention, eradicating human error.

The instrument is also equipped with certain features that ensure durability, safety, accuracy-driven results as well as operator-friendly working of the Izod impact testing machine.

Key Features of the Izod and Charpy Impact Tester

The Izod impact testing machine uses technologically advanced features imbibed within for reaching accurate testing results consistently as well as to safeguard the operator from the testing hassles.

The foremost safety feature instilled within the instrument is the provision of the magnetic door which ensures that the Izod impact test specimen stays within the parameters of the instrument and does not hurt anybody or cause any damage after the impact from the hammer.

The instrument also offers strong gripping fixtures with a rugged surface at the clamping of the specimen to ensure zero movement and thus derive accuracy & precision.

The Izod impact testing machine also offers an additional accessory called the notch cutter for the preparation of the sample, helping the manufacturer achieve accurate results over & over again.

The instrument is offered with an electromagnetic pendulum release mechanism for the hammer that is controlled with feather touch controls that aid the operator in controlling the machine single-handedly.

There are different weight categories for the hammer that allow the operator to conduct the tests in compliance with different standards and critically analyze the results depicted on the microprocessor-based digital display.

The instrument also offers a rustproof construction due to the anti-corrosive properties instilled within the 7-layered powder-coated paint.

There are some questions that remain unanswered which the Presto Group would like to bring into the acknowledgement with their answers.

FAQs related to the Izod and Charpy Impact Tester

What is the importance of testing the specimen under both Izod and Charpy impact testing methods?

Ans. Both the testing whether Izod or Charpy differ from each other with variable sample placement techniques. The sample is placed at a 90 degrees angle in the Izod testing technique whereas at the 180 degrees angle in the Charpy testing technique. Both of them assess the resilience of the polymer under pendulum release phenomena.

What is the importance of the notch cutter provided as an additional accessory with the Izod impact testing machine?

Ans. The notch cutter is an extremely handy additional feature to be provided along as it is designed to carve out a v-shaped notch from the specimen which is crucial for the accurate conduction of the Izod and Charpy test. This allows compliance with the necessary standards designated for the Izod impact test specimen.

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