Determine Paint & Coatings Durability against Impacts with Impact Test Apparatus

Determine Paint & Coatings Durability against Impacts with Impact Test Apparatus

Impact Test Apparatus

Industries like automobiles, paints, coatings, metal printings, etc. work very closely with paints over various materials, especially hard materials like metals. These metals are used in the production of equipment due to their durability. To make them look good and aesthetically pleasing, these materials are covered with paints & coatings.

For example, you must have seen cars with different paints & coating which makes them appealing and enhances their road presence. These coatings are very precisely painted over the materials which not only appeals to the visual presentation but these paints carry anti-corrosive properties which enhances the durability of the material for the long term.

However, these materials are extremely prone to accidents & impacts due to free falls. Therefore it becomes necessary for the manufacturer of these products to assess the durability of these paint coatings against impacts due to accidents as well as free falls. Understanding with an example, we have seen cars getting into accidents, which leads to denting or scratching of the paint. To assess the scratching and avoid major coating losses, it is crucial to test the paint quality & coating durability of materials.

The Presto Group offers a top-notch lab testing instrument called the impact test apparatus. The instrument is designed with extreme precision to evaluate the durability of paints against impacts, enabling the manufacturer to eliminate uncertainties at initial stages and thus prevent losses due to faulty mass productions.

The impact test apparatus is nothing short of a minimalist lab testing instrument that ensures maximum accuracy due to its simplistic working mechanism which is important to be acknowledged & understood.  

The Simplistic Working Mechanism of the Impact Test Apparatus

The Drop impact tester is majorly designed to evaluate the paints & coatings' durability against impacts, ensuring maximum consumer satisfaction and thus earning huge profits for the manufacturer through brand building.

To initiate the assessment, it is highly necessary to prepare & condition the specimen as per the requirement of the testing standards or the operator.

The specimen needs to be carved out of the original shape into a circular one. The specimen must be bigger than the clamping panel to ensure accurate testing results. The die associated with the clamping panel has a diameter of 14.3 mm.

Once the operator conditions the specimen as per the requirement, the specimen is clamped over the die with the help of a tightening known associated with the guiding tube.

The operator can select the weight required to perform the impact test. The weight differs from 900 grams to 1000 grams in the direct testing mode of assessing coating quality.

After the selection of the weight under the direct testing technique, the operator can simply pick the weight alongside the guiding tube and ensure a free fall over the specimen.

The impact through the punch of the free-falling weight leaves a crack or deformation over the specimen. The cracking and deformation can be easily assessed over the opposite side of the impact of the specimen. In the case of any coating break or paint disturbance, it is derived that the coating or paint is not good enough, on the contrary case the paint and coating are derived durable.

This is how the ergonomically designed lab testing instrument, simplifies & expedites the testing process with absolute finesse for manufacturers from different industries.

The instrument is equipped with a lot of handy features that assist manufacturers in achieving accuracy and results complied with standards.

Features of Impact Test Apparatus

The impact test machine is designed as a feature-enrich product to aid manufacturers from various industries in evaluating the resistance of paints & coatings used over variable materials.

The first & foremost feature that stands out is the ability of the instrument to perform testing at such an expeditious pace, enabling the testing of various specimens in quick succession. This is possible due to the fast guiding mechanism through the guiding tube which stands 40.6 cm tall.

Another top-notch feature of the instrument is the incorporation of a tightening knob which enhances the clamping panel mechanism. The rugged surface at the clamping panel ensures zero slippage of the specimen, allowing the operator to obtain accurate test results repeatedly.

The impact test apparatus is also equipped with a robust construction with a high-quality stainless steel body throughout the instrument, ensuring a corrosion-resistant finish to the instrument and eradicating the scope of rusting thus increasing the life of the instrument. Along with robust construction, the lab testing equipment also ensures beautiful aesthetics due to chrome plating over stainless steel.

The instrument also offers compliance with designated standards which encourages a sense of assurance among manufacturers from different industries. The designated standards considered by the manufacturer of the impact tester are:

1.    ASTM D 2794; 93 (2010)

2.    ISO 6272 – 1 (2011)

The lab testing equipment offers a weight-adjustable mechanism along with a height-adjustable mechanism as well. Both of them offer flexibility to the operator in performing tests as per the necessary requirements.

All these features combine together and aid manufacturers from all across industries in conducting the precise & accurate assessment of paints & coatings over variable materials against impacts. The instrument has gained the trust of operators & manufacturers due to its simplistic working and repeatable accuracy.

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