Unique Features & Benefits Offered by the Magna Mike 8600

Unique Features & Benefits Offered by the Magna Mike 8600

Magna Mike 8600

There are different types of bottles that are used in various industries for packaging items as it ensures integrity and is also a prime choice of all manufacturers.

These bottles are designed with a lot of precision at the walls, at the closure, at the bends, etc. The most important of these is to assess the thickness of the walls of the bottle.

Manufacturers of bottles have to be very cautious in evaluating the thickness of these walls as the right amount of thickness can only assure the strength of the bottle against stressful encounters which can be free-falls, over-stacking, or other transportation stresses.

This is possible only by a lab testing instrument called the magna mike – wall thickness gauge. The instrument is designed with top-notch engineering, ensuring portability and accuracy at the same time.

The instrument’s portable build helps manufacturers in assisting the thickness of variable products with absolute facile. Let us take a look at the working mechanism of the magna mike – wall thickness gauge.

Working Mechanism of magna mike – wall thickness gauge

The bottle wall thickness gauge is designed to be portably available for the evaluation of different bottle sizes. The design of the instrument also promotes high levels of accuracy and provides maximum assurance to the operator because of the accuracy-driven results consistently.

The instrument is offered with two variable magnetic probes:

1.    86PR – 1; Standard Straight Probe standing at 83.2mm tall with a diameter of 18.8mm

2.    86PR – 2; Right Angle Probe head at 58.4mm, standing at 177.8mm height, and with a diameter of 18.8mm.

To commence the test, the small magnetic ball provided with the instrument is placed inside the specimen through the opening.

Once the magnetic ball is placed accurately, the magnetic probe runs across the bottle from the outside. Due to unlike magnetic properties, the magnetic ball and the probe are attracted toward each other. The connected display of the bottle thickness gauge indicates the distance between the magnetic probe and the magnetic ball.

The distance between the magnetic probe and the ball is equal & directly proportional to the thickness of the walls of the bottle as both the probe and the ball are attracted to each other from opposite ends of the wall.

The operator can now simply record & keep track of the results indicated on the digital LCD display and ensure the thickness of the walls. It is highly necessary to accurately record and analyze the results for consistency and future data retrieval purposes.

There are certain features imbibed within the bottle wall thickness measurement testing instrument for hassle-free testing, accuracy-driven approach as well as promoting single-handed testing of variably-sized products.

Features of Magna Mike – Wall Thickness Gauge Benefitting Manufacturers

Adhering to the features of the bottle thickness gauge will help us understand the correct reason for their incorporation as well as the contribution of these features to make testing simple.

The prominent accuracy-driven feature is the incorporation of the Hall effect sensor for measurement purposes which gives a sense of assurance to all manufacturers.

The security of the instrument is also kept intact with the provision of a lock password, needed for turning the device on and profiling the specimen.

The large LCD display enables the recording of data very easily and with facile, eradicating the risk of human error to a large extent. The display offers a larger color VGA feature to give a premium finish. The recording of data becomes even more easy with the help of a direct interface to an Excel sheet powered by WINXL interface program.

The ability of the instrument to measure the thickness of the walls of various specimens makes the wall thickness gauge for bottles a one-stop solution for manufacturers from different industries.

The instrument ensures expeditious testing because of the adept measurement update rate which operates at a speed of 60 Hz.

The security features of the instrument also aid the operator to avoid false testing due to the inclusion of high & low reading alarms.

The bottle wall thickness measurement testing instrument allows the manufacturer to conduct testing with two different probes that ensure accurate & precise testing results.

The instrument is equipped with a feature of supporting various languages to enhance worldwide testing simplicity. The same language removes the barrier of understanding and thus quickens the conduction of the test.  

All these features combine together and ensure accuracy-driven, hassle-free & single-handed operations with absolute facile.

There are certain specifications that one must consider before getting their hands on the magna mike – wall thickness gauge for understanding the suitability of the instrument as per your desired working mechanism.

Specifications of the Magna Mike – Wall Thickness Gauge  

·       The bottle thickness gauge functions on a lithium-ion battery with a life            of 12h – 13h.

·       A storage support of 2 GB with a removable Micro SD card is provided.

·       The LCD is equipped with a full VGA transflective color.

·       117 mm – 89 mm big & wide display for an easy-to-the-eye experience.

·       Low & high alarm set-ups to avoid any kind of uncertainties

·       The thickness of the wall being tested by the wall gauge can range from          0.001 mm – 25.4 mm.

·       The power that is required to run the instrument without any hiccups is            100 V AC – 120 V AC; 200 V AC – 240 AC depending upon the size of the           magnetic probe.

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