Tensile Testing of Plastic Pipe Material for Top Quality Assurance

Tensile Testing of Plastic Pipe Material for Top Quality Assurance

Quality is something that denotes the mark of excellence for any product, brand or industry. And the outcome of this quality comes into effect only when it passes through certain tests. While coming to the manufacturing part of any product, plastic pipes are the one that are in high use as they transport granulated materials, liquids, and gases, that are aggressive and neutral in nature.

If you are a manufacturer of plastic pipes and are searching for Tensile Testing Machine for Pipe Material, then we can help you. At Presto Stantest Pvt Ltd. we assure you to deliver the best quality Lab Testing Equipment. Contact us at +91 9210903903 to find the right equipment for your testing needs.

How Tensile Testing of Plastic Pipe Takes Place?

The Plastic pipes have to face different environments, as they are used in and above the ground for natural gas, water, transporting oil, etc. And it becomes important to make them from quality material. To deliver the top level quality with resistance in the products, the Manufacturers often face challenges.

The Tensile Testing Machine is available in digital model with a highly developed microprocessor program. The sensing of applied force and conversion of the force into a digital value is done with high precision. As a slight disturbance in the testing specimen on running test process can generate errors in the test values, the machine has specially designed clamps for holding specimen tightly. By default, the customer can have the vice type grips with the tester.

Why Choose Presto Stantest Pvt. Ltd. for Tensile Testing Machine?

Presto Stantest Pvt Ltd. has a significant name in the field of Lab testing Instruments. The company possesses team of experts who have knowledge, experience and practice in preparing various testing instruments. Factors that defines the excellence of Presto in Tensile testing Machine are

  • Certification from National as well as International Standards
    • ASTM D412
    • ASTM D429-73
    • ASTM D624
    • ASTM D638-01
    • ASTM D76
    •  IS 13360-5-7
    •  IS 3400(Part1-1987).
  • Digital model with microprocessor programming
  • Wide range of Grips, Attachments & Special fixtures
  • Powered by Safety features like
    • Limit switch
    • Overloading protection
    • Variable Speed Drive
  • Different Grip options are available as per the requirement.

There are many more factors to trust Tensile Testing Machine by Presto Stantest. To know more about Tensile Testing Machine, visit us at https://www.testing-instruments.com/tensile-testing-machine/

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