How is Tensile Testing Machine Helping Different Industries?

How is Tensile Testing Machine Helping Different Industries?

Competition in the market is getting stiff with each passing day. As end consumer is getting aware of quality standards, manufacturers are raising their testing standards. More and more guidelines are being issued by the regulatory authority and to bridge the gap of testing needs, advanced testing instruments are flooding the market. In all this, there is one machine that is important for almost every manufacturing unit and that is a tensile testing machine. Any industry, which is conscious about the quality of its products, will definitely have a tensile testing machine in his quality management department. Here, we will discuss some industries that depend very much on the tensile testing machine.

Automotive – Door seals, automotive sheets, fibre, the fabric of seats, etc. lot of times are tested for tension. Whether it’s a commercial vehicle or domestic vehicle, there are some components which are common in every class of vehicle. All these components are designed in such a way that they should withstand, different climatic conditions and environmental stress. Irrespective of the material of the component, they are tested for tensile strength. Due to change in temperature, the materials tend to contract or expand. The component should not break due to this change in physical properties.

Rubber – This is one of the most needed instruments of the rubber industry. As rubber severely gets affected by the atmospheric condition, to assess the tensile behaviour in different atmospheric conditions, the tensile testing instrument is employed. The sample is clamped in the fixture and it has one movable plate. Either upper plate is movable or lower plate. In every industry, the grip matters a lot. To get the right observations, the grip has to be chosen wisely. Sometimes, due to wrong selection, the sample breaks from the point of clamping. Thus, testing fails right at that moment.

Plastic – According to standards, the tensile testing is done on samples instead of final products. The samples of predefined shape and size are used. In fact, die cutters are sometimes used for this purpose to get the exact sample. However, the process is same but the specifications of the test vary according to industrial applications.

Packaging – In the case of flexible packings, the tensile testing machine plays a crucial role. A different form of packings like cement bags, jute sacks, shopping bags, etc. is tested for their load bearing capacity. The more tensile load they can bear, the more durable they are.

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