How Does the Color Matching Cabinet Simulate Different Lighting Conditions?

How Does the Color Matching Cabinet Simulate Different Lighting Conditions?

Color Matching Cabinet

Color deformation is one such aspect that each & every manufacturer from all across the countries would want the last thing to tackle. The color coatings & paints are done to enhance the overall appeal of the final product. In case of unevenness or color deformity, the customer judges the entire quality of the product.  

This deteriorates the actual value of the final product and alters the overall consumer satisfaction due to compromising visual presentation. This makes it extremely vital for the manufacturer of a product to ensure maximum evenness of the colors & coatings of a product and avoid any scope of compromising consumer satisfaction.

This is the reason that manufacturers from different industries undertake different measures to ascertain the color quality and evenness of different raw materials or final products.

Presto Stantest Pvt. Ltd. offers a top-notch lab testing instrument to curb this solution of assessing the color formation & evenness of different products, known as the color matching cabinet. The instrument measures variable products at different viewing angles under different artificial lightning atmospheres to ensure absolute evenness with precision.

The instrument has an extremely simplistic working mechanism that promotes the operator to conduct tests with absolute ease as well as the visualizer to achieve higher accuracy in evaluating the color deformity of the sample being tested.

Let us take a look at the working mechanism of the instrument without wasting any more time.

Working Mechanism of the Color Matching Cabinet

The color matching cabinet has been the most resourceful lab testing instrument as it enables manufacturers from various industries to evaluate the color quality of products in order to attract consumers through the visual representation of the products.

The color matching cabinet procedure starts with the assembly of 5 different lights that have respective functions to perform during the conduction of the test.

It is very important for the operator or the visualizer to perform testing under a dark atmosphere to avoid any external lightning factor hampering the artificial lightning cabinet of the instrument. This allows the operator to reach maximum accuracy. Another factor in achieving higher accuracy by the visualizer is to make sure that the visualizer maintains a distance of 450mm – 600mm while viewing the sample.

The sample is placed within the cabinet at two different angles and tested at both angles under controlled lighting conditions. The two angles for conducting the tests are 45 degrees elevated angle and 180 degrees horizontal angle.

The 5 lights with a 4 + 1 assembly force have different lighting standards over the specimen which are:

  1. D-65 Daylight – This light is installed for the simulation of direct daylight, allowing the operator to assess the specimen under a broad sunlight-like situation.
  2. TL-84 Lighting Bulb – This lighting spread is important for comparison purposes as this light forms a layer of light on the surface of materials and allows the visualizer to compare the difference between two specimens.
  3. UV Rays – These rays direct a special lighting condition that enables the visualizer to assess deformity (if any) over the specimen as it highlights the uneven structure with great emphasis.
  4. CWF – The cool white fluorescent lighting complies with CIE standards of illuminant F2. The light exerts high levels of green and minimal red energy, exposing colorful paint strokes (if done unevenly) over the specimen.
  5. Tungsten Filament Light bulb – This lighting bulb ensures the spread of all the lights uniformly across the specimen for even test conduction.  

All these advanced lighting conditions with futuristic technology allow the visualizer to perform tasks with absolute facile & ease. 

The instrument has certain features along with top-quality lighting conditions that aid manufacturers in achieving high accuracy levels and simplistic testing methods.

Features of the Color Matching Cabinet

The lab testing instrument is a feature-enriched product offered with advanced technology to aid manufacturers in achieving accuracy.

The prime feature that aids manufacturers while conducting the color matching cabinet procedure is the assembly of lights in a 4 + 1 integration as it allows a uniform spread of lights all around the specimen.

The equipment also offers a wide test viewing area which acts as a supportive hand to the visualizer in determining the unevenness or paint deformity with absolute ease.

The instrument is equipped with the assurance of numerous manufacturers due to the machine’s compliance with various testing standards that are witnesses to the quality of the instrument. Some of these standards are:

  1. ISO 3664
  2. BS 950
  3. ASTM D 1729
  4. DIN 6173

All these top-notch attributes combined were necessary to be addressed before utilizing the instrument. There is one more thing that one should consider before the installation & utilization of the machinery.

Tips & Factors to Consider Regarding the Color Matching Cabinet

  • The operator must make sure that the specimen is placed on the designated angles as per compliance with specific standards
  • The visualizer needs to be at least 250 mm away from the specimen and view the testing from a maximum of 400 mm distance.
  • The testing must take place under a dark atmosphere to avoid any external lighting source hampering the testing of the instrument.
  • The equipment must be installed near a power plug for a constant supply of electricity during the course of testing.
  • The timer of the instrument indicates the running life of the instrument which should be replaced and maintained after a specific period of time to ensure long-term consistency of the instrument.

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