Ascertain the Preform Transparency & Quality with Polariscope Strain Viewer

Ascertain the Preform Transparency & Quality with Polariscope Strain Viewer

polariscope strain viewer

The preforms of several products are molded and turned into final products that are fit for the end consumers to be used day in & day out. However, these final products made from polymer or glass are in their performance stage earlier. At this stage, there are certain issues with the material that are necessary to be tested in order to avoid testing it later after the mass production of the final product.

Manufacturers from the polymer and glass industry find it extremely difficult to evaluate the accuracy issue in the transparency and quality of the preform staged product.

To curb this solution, the Presto Group has come up with a fine lab testing instrument called the polariscope strain viewer. The polariscope strain viewer is a result of precise & fine quality engineering.

The instrument is engineered to perfection in assessing & evaluating the quality & transparency differences of a preform material from the perfect specimen as it should be. These issues are then acknowledged by the operator or the manufacturer and are corrected at this initial stage of production.

The polariscope strain viewer has an extremely simplistic working module that enables the operator of the instrument to get familiar with the instrument super easily and perform accurate testing over & over again for consistent & repeatable results.

Working Module of the Polariscope Strain Viewer

The easy-to-use instrument has been widely trusted by manufacturers from both polymer & glass industries due to its ergonomic design and precise test results deliverance.

To begin with the testing process it is extremely important to know that the lab testing instrument performs testing at two different angles and it is mandatory to perform testing at both templates for accurate and precise testing results.

The testing must be performed in a dark atmosphere to avoid any external light force affecting the measures of testing and thus making the obtained results inaccurate.

The operator can now place the specimen in the designated sample positioning T-shaped holder. Once the sample is placed accurately, the instrument is turned forcing different light spectrums on the specimen to assess transparency & quality.

The polariscope Strain viewer for glass and plastics has two different light spectrums including the CFL light & the sodium lamp. The CFL light is a white spread of light across the walls of the specimen that determines the transparency of the product. The sodium lamp sprays the red light across the specimen determining the quality of the walls of the specimen.

The operator can assess these measures by viewing the specimen under these two lighting spectrums through the big wide viewing area allowing the operator to reach an accurate & correct decision.

The product is offered with a chart for the ideal to perform under different angles, this makes it easier for the operator to compare the ideal and the tested material. The comparison gives the operator a better result derivation and makes testing very easy & facile.

The polariscope strain viewer for glass and plastics is a feature-enriched product that enables the testing of specimens with no hassle at all and helps the operator achieve accurate output without putting in the extra effort.  

Advantageous Attributes of the Polariscope Strain Viewer

The instrument is offered with the necessary features for achieving accurate testing results repeatedly.

The most prominent feature of the instrument is the amalgamation of 2 light sources i.e. the CFL white light and the sodium red lamps that assess both the quality and transparency of the specimen.

The Polariscope strain viewer manufacturer has incorporated a big & wide viewing area to make it easy for the operator to view the sample while it is undergoing the test.

The instrument also offers two different angle placements for the specimen to ensure accurate test results and proper testing as per the designated standards and their guidelines.

The instrument has a high-resolution camera to click the images of the specimen with POLCOM and later review them. The computerized model also enables the operator to state the reason for the difference in the ideal and tested specimen once clicked by the operator.

The polariscope strain viewer manufacturer has imbibed easy test recording in the computerized model along with easy data recording the software also indicates the reason for the uncertainty along with a suggestive measure.

It is highly necessary to be aware of the technical specifications possessed by the polariscope strain viewer to make sure that the instrument comply with the needs of the end consumer or the operator who will be performing the tests.

Technical Specifications of the Polariscope Strain Viewer

·  The instrument is designed in a limited area of 335 mm X 360 mm X 500 mm. Therefore, the instrument does not take up a lot of space and is extremely handy to use and maneuver.

·  The instrument has a very wide viewing area i.e. 260 mm X 240mm. this defines the operator-friendly approach of the manufacturers of the instrument.

·   The testing is performed at two different angles i.e. 45O & 90O. This testing is measured at a T-shaped template.

·   The instrument performs testing with an electrical power supply of 220V, enabling the connection to any power plug and minimizing the hassle of a dedicated power supply for the operator.

·    The computerized model is governed by an integrated POLCOM software that ensures easy data management, record tracking, HDR image & many more top-quality attributes.

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